On Aneada

Kii'sha's Memory

A reflection

((Refer to Kii’sha’s Theme sent by Aedrion for music. I don’t know if it’s available on youtube))

I’m not one for recording my steps on Aneada. Much of the time I don’t feel as if I am fit to even lay them. I am not born of this world, and yet I am not simply a spirit of the Aether. I’m a fragment of a man I can only assume was virtuous, though from what I’ve heard it was that virtue that ultimately destroyed him. Similarly how his vices ultimately destroyed the Pontifex. But I can’t help but feel as though it’s one thing for your actions to lead to your self destruction, and yet another for it to lead to others’.

The Pontifex and Galmathrax caused an unquantifiable amount of grief in this world. No sooner than my Desh’ar and Sasara gave me my purpose, was I faced with a tide of sorrow that I surely had no chance to combat. And yet, I was driven. With aid of my friends Vren and Atoraav, I managed to keep moving forward; doing everything we could to discover some way to turn the dragon. My general mission to spread joy became enormously specific. These pointless and petty wars had to stop.

And stop they did. But while Sasara’s unleashing of Galmathrax certainly stopped the Pontifex’s purge, it took many lives before the dragon turned from his path of destruction. Similarly, just as I stopped Athalsamar from declaring war on humanity… I may have led him to his own destruction.

I am no Man of Song. Not a hero, or a savior. Whatever wisdom Nadoraan might have possessed as an immortal Elevahn was not given to me. I still have much to learn about the world, the balance of joy and grief, and how my choices affect it all. I can’t live my life untarnished by sin and mistakes. Even Sasara of all her seeming purity could not avoid the stains of blood on her hands… I have learned that for every one man I bring joy, many more yet feel sorrow. As well, some will feel joy at the cost of another’s….

I know, I should be overjoyed. Just as the rest of the nation knows, I helped defeat the undefeatable. We stopped the tide of sorrow from consuming Northelain and perhaps the world. Yet my mind returns to Sasara, and what she would think of me if I led her brother to his doom… Perhaps it was his own arrogance and wrath that led him to this path. Perhaps I saved many more elven and human lives from his abuse in the name of revenge. Regardless of all of that, I am responsible for the fate of the Prince of Elves. I cannot simply leave him to it.

Naari’a, I know you wait for me to return and it has already been so long. I have so much to tell you. Of this world. Of me. Of you…. Of Nadoraan. But I also have so much left to do…

….I’m not one for recording my steps on Aneada. But when I look behind me, I can’t help but feel they dig a little too deeply into the earth.


Aedrion kyriobs

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