On Aneada

Vren'zzik's journal

Written synopsis of the library book 'The First Empire'

The Elevahn Empire was created sometime during the Age of Mortals, chosen by the gods to be their people to walk The Gift of Aeda. They were powerful, masters of magic, masters of architecture and soon spread across the face on Aneada. The Dragon Lords could not abide, and in turn created their own races to counter them. Over many years, the Elevahn fought over the world for their masters in the sky.

In The Age of Disparity, the gods are less involved on the world and the mortal races, as well as the Elevahn stop warring each other for a time. Instead, the Elevahn build an empire that spans the world, insurmountable, unassailable, eternal. Madnidarii is their Capital from which they command forces beyond counting and all other races are forced to bend to their will.

Their arrogance eventually gets the better of them and they plan to usurp the gods, staging attempts to reach them and kill them. Their arrogance angers the gods, whom abandon them and withdraw their support. In the wake thereof, the numerous other mortal races that now exist slowly consume the weakened Elevahn empire until, somewhere during the Fourth age, they vanish, leaving only ruins where few dare tread.

Many have tried to learn about them and their seeming link to the Aetherweald, of which little is known. Speculation has been varied. Some say they were inventions and imaginations of the peoples of the world, that escaped the dream realm and became real. Others claim they fled to the dreamrealm and rule mortal minds without them knowing it. A commonly accepted thought is that they were hunted and those that did not become modern elves, died off, isolated from the world.


Aedrion Kaero

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