On Aneada

Vren'zzik's journal Entry

Some thoughts

( Music since it seems to be a thing. https://youtu.be/Z1Atr0OVY5Q )

Well, I suppose it is done.

It doesn’t ‘feel’ done.

I suppose it is too new.. or too far in scope to truly appreciate. Or maybe I am just too used to what feels like it would be madness to the me from before this all started.

We caused Galm to flee.. we. Me, Atoraav, Kii’Sha, Atanu. What a strange motley group we are. They are my friends.. yet others see us and think we are a group strange to be together.. but they see only appearances. What we share goes beyond experiences.. I am glad to have them as my friends.

After that.. we met with the one who caused the deaths of untold thousands.. a horrible human man whom Leon denounced as unworthy. He tried to kill us.. but we were protected by Link.. who is Link I wonder? Is he truly an extension of Sasara or is he something more? To find us in such a far flung place after going missing.. still.. he was downed by his own fell power. I took the opportunity to learn who he was.

He certainly was chosen by Shiela.. if that was who I saw in his memory. But she went silent many years ago.. he chose to commit those atrocities on his own. based on bad dreams. The link he has with Shiela is grey.. not light and certainly not dark. And he can certainly draw great power from it. It has possibly taken over by another dark archon.. or maybe the same one. Who knows… there is nothing I can do for him now. I left his fate to Leon. It may be that the simplest way for them to gain another Pontifex will be to simply slay him and let Shiela choose a new more worthy candidate. he certainly has spilled enough blood to deserve such a sentence. And yet, based on Atoraavs will, I manipulated his dream so he could see what happened with Latah’Ashkar and left a hint that he and his connection too may be tainted in the same manner as Galmathrax.

I pondered haunting him with nightmares of every single skeleton I saw on my journey through this hellish snow filled continent. From the baby Gryphons skeleton clutching towards its parents to the family of dead sprites that were burned to death together.

I find it very hard to forget these things. I still feel a certain hate even now. left to me I would probably maim Crassius to the point he would live to regret it.

Whether these are Sarraaki feelings or what I would have felt before I don’t know. It worries me.. but I feel that if I stay by Atoraavs and Kii’Sha’s sides they will act as my conscience.

And yet now here we are. We’re going to separate to deal with some things. I feel only worry. Not for Atanu.. he is as mighty as the rest of us combined and then some.

I feel worry for Atoraav and Kii’Sha. Both feel as lost as I feel.. where will they go? one is something of an exile.. the other is as new to the world as I am to this second life. I should not treat them as children however.. they survived without the rest of us around, they are strong now. I somehow worry for myself and my own morals. But I suppose so long as I worry for these things I will not give in to them. I still have Voorvaskiin too. At least until I am ready to take him to that place between places by my own power.

We have agreed to meet together in one years time. At Falkataar. It seems like as good a meeting spot as any, though I cannot call it neutral ground. It should make Kii’Sha happy to be there again.

We all have business to take care of.. myself.. I have two tasks. One is to swing by my old home and find Mathri.. and give her that gold she wished for before I drug her through hell and back. She certainly earned it. I feel so bad about it all.. I need to see if the elf saved her life as he promised. If she lives, I will pay her for her efforts. Certainly enough to see her straight for many a year. I will not tell the truth.. she would not believe me, I will merely introduce myself to her as a courier and pass her the bag of gold with a note who it was from.

Secondly… I want to go and see what ‘home’ is like now. To ‘meet my people’ as it were. I am not looking forward to it. From all the rumours… and certain personal experiences.. Sarraaki are not good people. I’ve certainly experienced my share of discrimination for it. Still, I do not wish to remain ignorant. And this is something I feel I need to learn. The experience will hopefully do me good.

It is but for a year, and hardly binding. I wonder if there are any old Elevahn ruins there…


Aedrion Kaero

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